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Roseys Talent Consultants

Some of our Happy clients

"From December 2013 until July 2015, I worked at Roseys Talent Consultants as a Stakeholder Relations Co-ordinator. In that role, I was responsible for representing and promoting talent in dealings with clients, drafting and implementing dispute resolution agreements, setting up photographic equipment and taking photos of new talent procured by the agency, generating and acquiring new business referrals to the agency and collaborating with the senior management team to develop ideas and implementing those ideas for improving the agency. My 18-month tenure with Roseys is one that I will always remember and be extremely thankful for. I had the good fortune and privilege of working with one of the most experienced, professional and dynamic teams in the industry. I would strongly recommend Roseys to any potential talent and/or employee."

Luke Brailey

"From the first correspondence via email, the initial discussion, the photoshoot, EVERYTHING has been a breeze! Chloe and Josh are extremely down to earth- so if you are skeptical you should rest assured knowing they will be there with an ear to lend and advice to give. Everything is communicated efficiently and swiftly, making the whole process a walk in the park- no loop holes or convoluted messages. I can understand this type of industry brings a lot of skepticism, however, having a genuine and lovely bunch of people around to answer your queries and concerns makes the whole experience effortless and fun! I recommend the company and the team to everyone- you should give it a go yourself and see how much fun you have in the process :) and make some money too :P"

Lidija Catic

"Absolutely LOVE Roseys Talent, absolutely lovely team of people who work extra hard with the work load that they have. They are really quick to respond to me and I'm very excited for my future with them."

Abigail Gumble

"I've recently been recruited by the Roseys Talent Team and have had a great experience so far. I felt the casting managers genuinely cared about me when signing me to the team as well as being very warm and welcoming."

Jenna-Alyssa Martin

"I heard of Roseys talent consultants through a long lost friend, he told me lots of positive things about them so I decided to join. Today I had my photoshoot and all I can say is that the staff are so friendly and professional. Definitely suggest people to join this agency!"

Jackson Swain

"The team at Roseys have been an absolute delight to work with since day one! "

Charles Muscat